Secure & Reliable

We are utilizing the best security, redundancy and monitoring practices to provide our delegates with the best return possible.

99.7% Minting Performance

To support the network in the best possible way, performance is key. We want every transaction which runs through our stake pool to be as fast as possible to be delivered. With our knowledge about IT- infrastructure, Linux systems and security, combined with the hardware of the world's best datacenters, we are able to deliver that kind of performance.


MILKY leverages geogprahically dispearsed cloud-based servers. The block producing node and relays utilize 8-Core CPUs, 16 GB RAM each.


Network-based firewall that blocks all traffic that isn’t expressly permitted by a rule. Places a barrier between the node and relays to protect them against external attack. MILKY’s firewall stops traffic at the network layer before it reaches a server.

Backup Storage

Volumes are backed-up by multiple SSDs. Redundant data is stored on hardware that is separated from the node and replicated multiple times across different racks, minimizing the probability of data loss due to hardware failure.

Cold Storage

Generation and storage of node’s private keys in an offline environment.